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We have list of qualified domestic and international buyers who are willing to purchase your property at no time. Call for more info

We list your property in MLS, Zillow, Realtor and if it doesn’t sell within 3 months we will buy it from you.

What people say about Azura Realty and Ryan King? I’m so pleased with my new home as everything went very smoothly. My unreserved appreciation goes to Ryan and his team. Please keep up the good work. Hadi A. Ryan King is indeed a King as he sold our house in 12 days! He provided advice in staging and […]

We are specializing in Investment and Real Estate, Commercial – Residential With more than 150 locations in over 64 major cities in California providing an excellent service to our clients and investors. The firm was founded by Ryan King. one of the most successful Broker in Real Estate community. Our endeavors include a broad range of successful pursuits in […]

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